Why E/C?
Why do you like E/C? Why do you think they are meant for each other? Share with us your opinions :)
    1. Because their relationship is dynamic and passionate - Olga

    2. Because they share an undeniable attraction - Fiona

    3. Because if all Christine wants is freedom, there's no better way to obtain it but through music, and Erik - Fiona

    4. There's just the passion between them, that makes them alive - Suvi

    5. Their relationship is something that goes from hatred to loved and vice versa. In between, there is always that special love they have for each other that no one can touch. - Tina

    6. Erik and Christine are such dynamic opposites and yet when one thinks about them together the only thing to comes to mind is that they're perfect for one another. - Jewelles

    7. Their relationship is beautiful and tragic. It spins a seductive web. - Christine

    8. Because there's no doubt in my mind that they are soulmates. They were made for each other. - Katie

    9. Because they have a link that was never felt between Christine and Raoul. Erik understands everything that Christine thinks, and that understanding should not be overlooked. - Adriela

    10. They are made for each other: I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear... your spirit and my voice, in one combined. They need each other! - Hilde

    11. There's...no...one reason. For this one true pairing, there is not one true reason for them to be together. It's made up of everything and nothing. It's made up of compassion, love, forgiveness, mystery, passion, longing, sympathy... It's just right. - Kelsey

    12. Raoul could have gone and married anyone that he wanted and still would have been happy. Erik couldn't. He was left alone. - Hannah

    13. She needs an Angel, someone to really care for her, love her and look out for her, and Erik loves her; he would give her that and so much more. - Merry

    14. I think that Erik has a feel for what Christine wants and thinks. If Christine wanted a knight in shining armor, well Erik is it. He would take her away from the longing and the loneliness and give her something she enjoys and loves, which is music. Plus Erik loves her. They just fit! - Savanah

    15. It's Beauty and the Beast; Black and White; the nightingale and the rose... it was perfection in the most realistic and glorious sense of the word with those two! - Renee

    16. It's the passion between two people that rarely comes around. - Miss Julianne

    17. Because they love each other. When both have loved no other, and only fight when Christine can't be with him, you know they're soulmates. - Jenna

    18. In all my life, I haven't seen a couple as different and similar as Erik and Christine. They contact through music and spirituality, and love with tender passion. That's true love right there! - Jenna

    19. Because they are each other's voices. Because of Erik, Christine has the courage to sing, while through Christine, Erik writes music. She's his muse, while she expressed all that he can't. - Mary

    20. Because its the kind of relationship that all of us dream to have. - Ali Gennosa

    21. There's a lot between them that you just can't easily find in satisfying measure in so many "romantic movies" : Instead there's a broken side rather than so much innocence, a desperation rather than that cheesy craziness, something beautiful within darkness, instead of "hot/sexy/etc" within something tainted/ugly, compassion and gentleness rather than ....you get the idea. - Phantomphreak

    22. Erik and Christine were so much more than just average from the very first day he laid eyes on her. Basically, I feel they saved each other from day one. He had a reason to live and teach and love. She had a reason to continue to believe that she was not alone, that her father had sent someone to look after her, and someone who would love her in his absence. Their musical interests bound them in ways that most of us will never experience. The mystery, the passion, the obsession were so evident. They needed each other and the dependence was very clear. It was obvious that she felt a love grow between them, and were he not the man others called Phantom, I do not think Christine would have feared him. It was so obvious that she was infatuated with him for the longest time, grateful for his teachings, and then passionate for his touch. She wanted to see him, even if she thought it was wrong. I think Christine caved to society and the ideal when she chose Raoul. It upsets me that she could cut Erik off from that dependence that they shared because she found someone else. To do that to someone you love is wrong. She left him empty. =( That's not the way I want the story to end. Raoul could have had anyone, but Erik... Erik needed someone special. - Misscemo

    23. Christine completes Erik in every way. She is his soulmate. They are ment to be. - Lisa AKA Alyssaparys

    24. In the book, Christine said to Raoul "If I did not love you, I would not give you my lips. Take them for the first and last time." And he did. But later on in the end of the story, she gives her lips to Erik instead, though they never saw each other again. Thus she truly did love him and he loved her back. - Fantasma

    25. Christine's father had promised to send her an Angel of Music. When she met Erik, he became her music teacher and Guardian Angel. He saved her from solitude. Erik had been alone and neglected all his life until he met Christine, who saw him through different eyes and saved him from solitude. In a way, you might say that they both saved each other from solitude. - Fantasma

    26. Because Erik is her one and only Angel of Music, and the rose he gives to her signifies true romance. 'Point of No Return' is their song and an extremely passionate one - Gwen

    27. It's just the most powerful love story ever told...I only regret the end...But I do really think that deeply Christine senses her love for the one and only Erik...And in eternity, their souls will be together because they couldn't be in their lives...They will find their way to Heaven... - Elia Grey

    28. It has to be Erik/Christine because there is a special bond that Raoul couldn't form between him and Christine that Erik and Christine have. Another thing is that Erik does not love easily, but he gave his love to Christine where as Raoul could give it to anyone. - Hannah Montana

    29. Where was Raoul for the past years? Erik was there for Christine all the time. - Hannah Montana

    30. Erik has watched over Christine since she was a child, and grew to love her deeply. He deserved to have that love reciprocated, and besides, her reunion with Raoul was accidental, not planned. She doesn't have that unearthly magical connection with Raoul - Gwen

    31. Joel Schumacher described Christine's pull towards Erik as " a very sexual, deep, soulful union". He gave no such description for her romance with Raoul - Gwen

    32. Erik and Christine share something that Christine and Raoul never had: Passion. With Erik and Christine's relationship, they both are filled with so much love, desire, caring, and devotion. Raoul and Christine never broke the boundaries, always kept things as subtle as possible. With Erik and Christine, they let their emotions run wild. No doubt Raoul would make Christine never sing again after what had happened, but Erik and Christine would sing their strange duet until the end of time. - Red Rose Invisible Tears

    33. Erik loved Christine so much he was able to let her go even though it hurt him probably more than any other pain he had exprienced. - Lillith

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