Here you can claim a piece of Erik/Christine fandom; their moment, quote, item that belonged to one of them, anything and put the keeper banner on your site. Be proud!
  • Christine's movie Don Juan costume is kept by Olga because it's so beautiful! I'm totally obsessed with it. This skirt and dark corset and omg this pretty lace chemise plus rose in hair.. it's just perfect!

  • Erik's love is kept by Kristina because there would be nothing greater than that.

  • Erik and Christine's relationship is kept by Christine because it's filled with dark, seductive passion, and though it may not be evident in all versions of the story, it's the chemistry between them that has played a big part in seducing the world.

  • Erik's sword is kept by Lois because I love swords in general, but geez, that's Erik's! :)

  • Erik's roses are kept by Jewelles because there is so much meaning to them and they are so much like the E/C relationship...beautiful but with thorns. It represents the delicacy of their connection, and yet the overwhelming power of it.

  • Erik and Christine's kiss is kept by Brittany because for a moment it shows just how much Christine loved Erik and how she should of stayed with him!!

  • Christine's movie Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again costume is kept by Christine because this outfit is extremely beautiful in its darkness, and it conveys Christine's utter misery and sadness in her father's death... and abandonment of her angel and guardian - Erik.

  • Erik's Black Swan Bed and Black Lace Curtains is kept by Lover of Roses Red because it is so beautiful, and way better than a coffin. Plus, it's got velvet blankets that is a definit plus!

  • The music box is kept by Suvi because it's one of the most beautiful symbols of the movie, and it reminds me about Erik and what's really important in life.

  • Erik's mask is kept by Fiona because when he wears it he's invincible, and when he doesn't, he's a man.

  • The Point of No Return is kept by Aimee because it's such a dark, beautiful, and sexual scene/song - perfectly fitting to Erik and Christine's relationship.

  • Erik's voice is kept by Tina because his voice is so powerful and astonishing. No wonder Christine went under his spell every time he sang. ;)

  • Erik's swooshy cape is kept by Katie because it's a sexy cape.

  • Erik is kept by Nadine because well what person wouldn't claim Erik? He has a beautiful voice, ish hot, and he is able to love so deeply.

  • Erik's Don Juan cape is kept by Mako-Chan because the way it is swished over his shoulder on the bridge is just amazing. That moment is just perfect.

  • Erik's ring is kept by Merry because it is a small token that he gives her to show his love, and that she eventually gives back to him so he can remember her and all the time they spent together.

  • Christine's ring is kept by Soliel because it's so symbolic. It symbolizes her and Raoul, but then in the end, she gives it up for Erik, because she does love him, though maybe not in a romantic way, but they are emotionally connected, and she gives him her ring, showing that she won't ever forget him, and their music.

  • The Don Juan score is kept by Renee because it was their opera, and nothing tells of their relationship in all its complexity, joy and pain better.

  • Erik's face is kept by Cutepiku because no matter what it looks like, Erik is still Erik beneath it all.

  • Erik's eyes are kept by Melissa because he expresses all of his emotions behind those beautiful emerald eyes.

  • The Music of The Night is kept by TIfa because it's such a beautiful, sweet love song that sums up how Erik feels about Christine perfectly. Plus, in the movie version, they look so cute toghether during that scene!

  • The Mirror is kept by Erina because it marks the beginning of Christine's first descent into the prison of Erik's mind.

  • Erik's musical talent is kept by Kimi because it's amazing and cutting-edge, beautiful, unique, heart-wrenching, and amazing.

  • Erik's touch is kept by Miss Julianne because there is nothing more wonderful than being touched by an angel.

  • Erik's master and guardian behaviour is kept by tkL because talent is something vanishing, it fades with time if you can't keep it alive. The desire of teaching and handing down makes Erik more human than anyone else would be.

  • Erik's lasso is kept by Frenchie because so I can go find Raoul and strangle him slowly and painfully with it.

  • Erik's lair is kept by Maggie because it is his life. All the teerrible rejections and the happiness he faced his home always brought him comfort. Plus, it would smell like him and that is HOTT!!!!

  • Christine's dress in the masquerade scene is kept by Clemence because it a most wonderful and angelic dress. Also, I adore the colour pink!

  • Erik's heart is kept by Jocasta Stephenson because Leroux (and later, Kay) wrote that he had "a heart that could have held the empire of the world" and I dare anyone to disagree!

  • Wandering Child is kept by Rachel because it's so beautiful that even after everything thats happened, Erik still wants to be with Christine. It proves he's deeply devoted to her and is willing to forgive.

  • Erik's arms are kept by Misscemo because I'd love to be caught and carried to his bedroom.

  • Erik's deformity is kept by Haunted singer because It is the one thing that I truly love about him. He may have been shunned, but it was by superficial people, but I love him for what he has that no one else does.

  • Erik and Christine in 'Why So Silent' is kept by Gwen because prior to that he is so angry, but when he sees her he melts into her gaze and she does the same

  • Box Five is kept by Little Lotte because it's Erik's domain in the Opera. It is where he watches everyone and everything that goes on in his theatre. And from there one day he may see me exploring his beautiful Opera House!

  • Erik and Christine's strange duet is kept by Hannah Montana because it is a magical moment between the two where Raoul realizes their passion for each other.

  • Christine's (movie) "Think of Me" Costume is kept by Hilary because it is so gorgeous and the stars in her hair and her make-up make her look like an angel.

  • Christine's Mirror Costume is kept by Christine Costume Creator because it is what she wears when first meeting Erik...and her first real sensual experience. It is also her first time of encountering his rage.

  • Christine's Wedding Gown is kept by Angel of Loneliness because it is a symbol of Erik.

  • Erik's Plea is kept by Luckii.jinx because this is why we all love him. His plea is something so beautiful, yet simple. To be loved for himself.

  • Christine's Voice is kept by Cseny because she has the most beautiful woman-voice I've ever heard... so I don't think that I must explain it.

  • Erik's Red Death Costume is kept by Amber because Let's face it, he's HOT in that thing. Long live Erik and his smexy tight pants!

  • Erik and Christine in 'The Point of No Return' is kept by Frankie because their chemistry and passion is undeniable here.

  • Erik and Christine in 'Angel of Music' is kept by Mandy because this is where he appears behind the mirror and beckons her to him.

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