You know you are obsessed with E/C when:
    1. Going downstairs, you sing "Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair...!"

    2. You really believe in Angel of Music

    3. You know all musical songs (especially E/C duets) by heart

    4. When you come back from the cellar you hum "I remember there was mist... swirling mist upon a vast, glassy lake..."

    5. When in conversation, you can't help but echo "darkness" "silent" and "decided" after someone says it (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    6. You squeal to no end when you meet someone with the initials "E.C." (submitted by Kelsey)

    7. You think Gerard Butler is hotter with the deformity than without (submitted by Jewelles)

    8. Whenever you see a mirror, ANY mirror, you smile and hum "Angel of Music", hoping Erik is behind it, watching for you (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    9. When-ever something bad happens, (stubbing toe, getting bills in the mail) you cry "It's him! The Phantom of the Opera!" (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    10. You force your boyfriend to dress up as Erik (including mask, cloak, and fedora) (submitted by Xuân Mai)

    11. When you catch your sister reading your diary, you scream, "Damn you! You little prying Pandora!" (submitted by Aimee)

    12. You argue for hours on end with anyone who tries to tell you that Raoul is Christine's true love and she only felt pity for Erik (submitted by Aimee)

    13. You've sent threatening notes (signed "O.G.", of course) to Andrew Lloyd Webber, demanding that he rewrite his musical to have Erik and Christine together at the end. You'd send them to Gaston Leroux, too, if he was still alive. (submitted by Aimee)

    14. You've held a seance to contact Gaston Leroux's spirit so you could ask him why he had Christine choose Raoul over Erik (submitted by Aimee)

    15. You're convinced that you were Christine in a past life, and you were brought back so you could find the reincarnation of Erik and correct your past mistake of choosing Raoul (submitted by Aimee)

    16. The only "dirty" thoughts you have are about Erik and Christine or Erik and yourself. (submitted by Fantasma)

    17. If you're seen smiling in the hallways, everyone knows it's because you're singing Phantom songs (submitted by Ilorien)

    18. You save all the Erik & Christine icons that you can find and end up having to burn a whole CD of them (submitted by Obi's girl)

    19. You watch the Phantom and Christine parts over and over again and never get tired of it (submitted by Tina)

    20. You no longer use the word "Raoul", merely "that bloody fop" (submitted by Fiona)

    21. You scream at anyone who refers to Erik as "the Phantom" and Christine as "Christina". We don't care about how Raoul is pronounced. (submitted by Kelsey)

    22. You refer to school subjects you dislike as "repulsive" or "loathsome" (and also the teachers). (submitted by Hilde)

    23. When you're absentminded, everyone knows that you hear the angel of music singing songs in your head. (submitted by Hilde)

    24. Everytime you hear a name from the Phantom, you jump in surprise. (submitted by Hilde)

    25. You know you're obsessed when you hear Erik speaking to you every minute of the day. (submitted by Marissa Tull)

    26. When you're making love to your significant other and you say Erik instead of their name, and have to sleep on the couch, only to watch the E/C scense over and over again until your lover comes to yell at you... (submitted by Alexis)

    27. When you're listening to your Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, you sing Christine's part and act everything out, including making out with your mirror during Down Once More (submitted by Merry)

    28. You've realized you have harbored bitter feelings towards Christine in wishing the Phantom was yours. *and may or may not have felt guilty afterwards* (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    29. When asked to name elements of a perfect guy, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is "he has to sing!". So you can sing "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Point of No Return" together, of course! (submitted by Kate)

    30. If you have a friend or relative unfortunate enough to have the name Christine, they may be wondering why you so often shake your head and sigh at them...(submitted by Renee)

    31. When you would go with every single kind of Phantom, even the Lon Chaney version from 1925. (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    32. You always MUST do the extra credit for a test or any other school assignment, just for the sake of writing 'EC' on your paper. (submitted by Kelsey)

    33. When your friends see you staring off into space with a ridiculous grin on your face they know it\'s because the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind. (submitted by Katherine)

    34. You plan on naming your kids Erik and Christine. And also you cry/kick/scream/shout/get depressed when your schools prom theme is masquerade and you cant go : / (submitted by Brandi)

    35. You've watched the movie enough times that you know what people are going to say ten to twenty minutes before they say it. (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    36. Your six year old cousin begs you to bring the POTO DVD over everytime you babysit and sings the songs out of blue because she knows you love to hear them (submitted by Danielle)

    37. You have written Prequals about all of the characters, and threatened to sue all the companies who don't publish it. (submitted by Sara)

    38. You know someone named "Eric", and it infuriates you that they aren't half as cool as THE Erik. (submitted by Jade Blood)

    39. When you and your phantom obsessed friend write each other Notes in the same fashion as the phantom does. And when you sign them with either your initials or O.G (submitted by Angelofmusicx0)

    40. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joel Schumacher now have restraining orders against you. (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    41. While scaling down stairs, you make a low tone to each step and finally sing maniacally, "Why so silent, good monsieurs?" and all of your friends stop to let you poke them as though you had a sword. (submitted by Kimi)

    42. When asked a question to an act you did not comit, you reel back and sing "Of course not!" (submitted by Kimi)

    43. You have your friends call you Christine, you call your ex-boyfriend(s) Raoul, you call your current boyfriend Erik, and you call your best friend with bigger boobs than you Meg. (submitted by Miss Julianne)

    44. You always replay the kissing scene between Erik and Christine a million times, even after school (submitted by Clementine)

    45. Whenever you tell a friend to hold your seat in a movie theater, then when you come back to see someone sitting in it you suddenly yell in a booming voice (that echoes even) "Did I not instruct this seat was to be kept EMPTY?!?!" (extra points if the person jumps and your friend starts laughing their head off). (submitted by Sorceress Cassandra180)

    46. You're obsessed if you sleep with the book/DVD/EC icon next to you in bed. (submitted by Jenna)

    47. You ask your boyfriend to take chorus lessons and then to come into your room at night with a cape and mask. (submitted by Cherry)

    48. You think that Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum should be together in real life just because they were Erik and Christine in the movie! (submitted by Rhoswen)

    49. You watch other films suchas "Mystic River", "The Full Monty", "Dracula 2000" etc. just because the actors in PotO are in it (even if it's just for a little while). (submitted by Fantasma)

    50. You're a dog groomer, and sooner or later you HAVE to groom a dog named Erik...so you shamelessly sing Phantom songs to it, purchase treats for it, and tell its people that it was "a perfect angel". All the while you giggle to yourself and how clever you are. (submitted by Marigny)

    51. You refuse to write in anything but red ink and always proceed to seal letters with a wax impression of a skull. (submitted by Un Amour Spectral)

    52. You visit EC sites every single chance you get on a computer every day. Even in school or work. (submitted by Fantasma)

    53. When your friend lies to you, you shriek "Curse you! You little lying Delilah!". (submitted by Birdfreak)

    54. You've compared the Phantom relationship with Christine to: numerous movie couples (i.e King Kong and Anne, or even Eowyn and Grima Wormtongue + more) their relationship to numerous songs. YOU CAN'T STOP *sob* IT WON'T EVER END! And he'll always be there singing songs in my head... he'll always be there... *more sobbing* O_O (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    55. You've insisted on going to the school dance with your boyfriend/girlfriend dressed as the Phantom couple, complete with hairstyles, costume, and quoting the movie/book/play. Or maybe you haven't done any of that. Maybe you don't even have a boyfriend/girlfriend. But you HAVE thought about it. (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    56. You're reading all of these entries. (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    57. You've found this site. (submitted by Phantomphreak)

    58. You routinely walk into mirros, expecting to go through them. (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    59. You relate things in random conversations to POTO. (submitted by Allie)

    60. Everytime you cross a bridge you start to sing/hum "The bridge is crossed so stand, and watch it burn!". (submitted by Masquerade)

    61. Whenever you do something and you're proud of it, you hear a voice whispering "Brava, brava, bravissima" but you can't find who speaks as someone always comes and asks: "Where in the world have you been hiding?" (submitted by tkL)

    62. If you go around school wearing a cape, AND you swish it about as you walk away from someone. (submitted by Anna)

    63. You get your boyfriend/fiancee/husband to hold you with your back to him and make him sing 'Past the Point of no Return' to you.Or you wish your fiancee would do that if he proposes! (submitted by Clementine)

    64. You want to see “Faust” just so you can say that you saw “That Opera Christine sings in the novel.” (submitted by Lover of Roses Red)

    65. People start getting scared of you because every time you enter a room you don't let them know until you're right behind them and then Yell "Insolent Boy/Girl" (submitted by Cat of hope)

    66. You ONLY read EC fanfics (submitted by Abbie)

    67. Your boyfriend broke up with you because you poured acid on his face to make him look like Erik. (submitted by Fantasma)

    68. If you accidently write Christine on all of your papers that ask for your name. (submitted by Little Lotte)

    69. You give nicknames to people you know such as "Little Lotte", "Little Toad", "Phantom", "Angel of Music" and "Fop" (submitted by Gwen)

    70. You stay up all night writing a list of reasons why Christine should have chosen Erik and not Raoul. Then your friends join in and you try to think of every reason possible, ready to prove wrong any Raoul lovers. (submitted by Gwen)

    71. If you have to have a book/ picture/ relic of him hidden so secretly that only you would ever find it while you sleep. And are so paranoid of someone taking the item from you that you are even suspicious of your cat, dog, or even stuffed animals/ dolls. I know I do that. Every Night. (submitted by Little Lotte)

    72. You sing every song from Phantom of the Opera during PE class (even as you run), and during your break for a grand total of over 3 hrs of nonstop singing. You only shut up during English class because your teacher says you sound like Emmy Rossum and pays you $20. (submitted by Stephanie)

    73. You wake up in the middle of the night and you can't sleep, so you turn up your Phantom CD and play The Mirror, while acting out the scene...in your homemade Christine costume of course. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    74. At night, before you go to bed, you act out the entire film, singing, walking around, and wearing your costumes while listening to the soundtrack, skipping past the Raoul scenes. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    75. You tend to sing all the Erik/Christine songs in your room, moving your hands over yourself if you have to. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    76. You have made a replica of each of Christine's costumes, and you wear them to school constantly. I know I do. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    77. You sing The Phantom of the Opera every time you go down some stairs, ride a horse, or go in a boat, including all the high pitched singing at the end. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    78. Your non-Phantom obsessed friends think you're crazy when you sing, "Angel, I hear, you speak, I listen, Stay by my side, guide me!" randomly, as you are hearing your Erik's voice call to you. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    79. In the future, you plan to create a house for youself, complete with sliding glass, 2 way mirror, secret passage, Phantoms lair, and stage. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    80. You tend to find yourself thinkng of ways you cold kill Raoul. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    81. You enjoy finding Phantom obsessed guys so that the two of you can enjoy your point of no return scenes-even if you can't sing. (submitted by Christine Costume Creator)

    82. When if you're bored you start writing the lyrics on your paper, hand, or other various body parts, clothing, friends, etc. My friends get so mad at me! (submitted by Little Lotte)

    83. You have a notebook dedicated to them, complete with sketches, lyrics, and stories. And of course you carry it around with you everywhere. Even to fire drills, PE, and even to your hair stylist. (submitted by Little Lotte)

    84. You plan on naming your daughter Christine Daae and then his last name. (submitted by Little Lotte)

    85. You have almost everything to do with The Phantom of the Opera, and all say you sit and think about is Erik singing songs in your head!! (submitted by Christin)

    86. When you are in Musical Theater and beg your instructor to act a Phantom of the Opera show!! (submitted by Christin)

    87. You know the lyrics to the E/C songs in at least three different languages, and can sing Music of the Night in four different languages. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    88. During lectures, you are caught writing out the lyrics to Phantom of the Opera in Japanese on your lecture notes. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    89. Your favorite anime characters are those that look like Christine/Erik. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    90. You spend half your day reading phanphics. The other half, you're daydreaming/writing E/C phanphics. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    91. People that anger you are lovingly referred to as toads or fops. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    92. You have a sarcastic tongue like Erik's. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    93. You tend to write letters on creamy white paper with black borders. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    94. Red, gold, black and white are your signature colors. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    95. You own the Phantom of the Opera 25th edition limited edition boxset with the medallion. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    96. Victorian styled clothes are your obsession. Especially ruffled shirts a la Erik after Don Juan Triumphant. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    97. You start having dreams of Erik anywhere and everywhere. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    98. You can hear Erik in your head as you go to choir practice, scolding you that a heavy drink like cappucino will ruin the quality of your voice. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    99. Erik tells you not to eat spicy stuff before Sundays when you sing in the choir. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    100. Erik has ever been your partner in an erotic dream at night. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    101. You have ever drawn Phantom of the Opera manga in secret. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    102. You would rather RP as the Phantom on twitter than go to school. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    103. You would buy a Punjab lasso at any price, claiming its for physics when all you want to do is to kill an insufferable fop. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    104. You have ever thought of killing an annoying classmate by Punjab lasso. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    105. When you are complimented by a friend for singing well, the first words that pop into your head are "Brava, Brava, Bravissima..." (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    106. You wish you were Emmy Rossum. (submitted by WynterVivaldi)

    107. The Hospital has stopped answering your emergency calls altogether because they know what the emergency is: you tried to walk through the mirror AGAIN, trying to reach your beloved on the other side, AGAIN, the Voice that haunts you and just BECKONS you towards the mirror, yeah, the surgeons are sick of patching up your wounds too... (submitted by Einsteinenya)

    108. You're laughing out loud right now (tears included) because all of these above are simply truth! (submitted by Arantxa)

If you answered yes for at least half of those, you're obsessed. But don't worry, it doesn't make any harm ;)

Got any more you-know-you're-obsessed-whens? Read the rules and email them!

  • please, send formatted text, not written in lower/uppercase
  • put Obsessed? as your email subject

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