What's a fanlisting?

A fanlisting (FL) is a non-profit, non-commercial online listing of all fans of a certain subject, mostly for entertainment purposes. In this case, this site is a Fanlisting for the literary, film or television genre, thriller. More info »

Why bother with a fanlisting? For website owners, a fanlisting serves the same function as any other listing -- more exposure for your site, since it gives you more backlinks, possibly improving your pagerank. For non-website owners, it's a fun way to immortalize your interests online. :) In other words, it's an innovative way to let everyone know that you like a particular subject or person; it's like a proclamation badge of your interests.

Why this FL?

As a reader and viewer, I am big on the pacing of events, the way they're handled, the way logical connections unfold in order to attain coherence. The thriller genre fits in my expectations quite well, as it is a genre whose success thoroughly depends on a mastery of the art of storytelling, otherwise it becomes unsuccessful. (BTW, when it comes to craftsmanship, Alfred Hitchcock is still its undisputed master. :)

It's the suspense that I crave, as it is the one factor that makes a reader turn every page, or a viewer not want to leave his/her chair. Kryz's (youslayme.net) former site title is absolutely on point -- anxiety is what feeds the veins of the audience, the secret ingredient that leaves them begging to scream, a bizarre form of enjoyment carefully orchestrated by the author or director. But the site title I chose for this site, In the Dark, has a double meaning: it is meant to point to the object or cause of anxiety that lurks in the shadows, always stealthy and one step ahead, but it also illustrates how the emotional effect is elicited in the audience by making the main character oblivious to everything that's bound to happen next. "In the dark," figuratively, basically means leaving the next scene in the plot unknown to both the protagonist and the viewers -- magnifying the adrenalin rush thriller junkies crave so much. ;)

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