Why Erik/The Phantom

Why do you love Erik/The Phantom? Send an E-mail with the information displayed below the replies. Your email address must be valid, and I know that there are some fans who only know the Phantom from the 2004 movie, but please try to say something other than "He's so hot!!" If you put that, I'll take it out, because the character was never meant to be physically attractive, in any way.

  • Kristina - He is tragic, dark, empowered and broken all at the same time. And a genius.
  • Marilee Boer - There is something extremely loveable about a guy so romantic... sighs.. can't all guys be like Erik???
  • Melissa - Sad and beautiful on the inside, even if he's also dangerous.
  • Isabella - Some people may think he's crazy but I say he's a Kind, Gentle, Loving Genius..
  • Elise - There is no other person that comes to mind when I hear the word genius. The whole idea of how he travels around the dark opera house is so alluring and that his voice seduces all who hear it puts me into a daydream. His story is truly tragic and although he proves that he does have a mean-streak, when you hear his past, it seems rather justified. His devotion and love towards Christine inspires tears within my very soul.
  • Shirley - Because of the tragedy he is going through. His feelings for her make him special on the inside and on the outside.
  • Cheri - He is extremely handsome in his own way, but there is so much more to this character. Out of all the characters, he is probably the most developed. He has more facets than Christine and Raoul put together, and that makes the Phantom amazing. He is obsessive, but it works for him (in some odd, fanatical way). He is portrayed as both the good guy and the bad guy, as is Raoul. It all depends on your perception and whether or not you answer when the darkness calls (excuse my lame metaphors). Erik is, above all, an essentially loving man. He loves the way he hates--passionately. I love him so! =)
  • Sarah - People think that he's mentally insane- but I think he's just trying to prove his love to a girl he's always cared for. And God, with him being so damn hot and mysterious *shivers* what I'd give for him to be real. Anyway If you notice, Raoul never notices Christine until she becomes Prima Donna but Erik has always been there for her. But what can I say? What girl, in her unright mind, would not want a guy like Erik? He sweet, caring, mysterious, "tall dark handsome stranger type" and you know what's under his mask doesn't matter. And his dark passion for music is AMAZING! If I could ever have a teacher or even a boyfriend like Erik- I would think that I had died and gone to heaven!
  • Scarlett - His passion! Everything he feels...I feel too. The anger, the sorrow, the loneliness, the hope when he thinks Christine might be his, the anguish when she chooses Raoul. The range of emotions that he goes through is amazing, and I feel every one of them. He makes me want to take him in my arms and hold him, kiss away his sorrow, tell him I will be his Christine. And his haunting, sexy voice (Michael Crawford's and Gerard Butler's) echos in my soul.
  • Sophie - Because he is everything a man should be. Passionate, loving, protective, romantic and very strong and powerful. And the way he lets out all his emotion through music is amazing.
  • Kura - He's so romantic with Christine, and has so much passion. He leads a very tragic life, and that's what makes him so mysterious. The pain that he feels when she doesn't return his love .. his voice .. his aura.
  • Courtnie - Everytime I watch Phantom I yell at the screen because Christine doesn't choose him. She so should, he loves her more. His voice.........chills.....his touch....to feel it.
  • Kitty - Because he is complicated. He has such a range of emotion and there are so many version of him that you can love all or one version of him. He's passionate and powerful, but fragile and despaired. What the hell is there NOT to love.
  • Megan - The Phantom cares so much for Christine, he is very passionate and this is probably why I like him so much. I only know The Phantom from the 2004 movie, but since watching that movie I have seen clips from other versions, Gerard Butler will always be my favourite Phantom!
  • Amanda - His voice just sound so sexy and he is sexy! Everytime that I see him, I scream my eyes out! I love him to death! What makes me mad is that, Christine left him, you see I would have chosen the Phantom, not Raoul, because he is hot and sexy! I love him so flippin much..I love the music..the way he looks, everything! This is the bestest movie I have ever seen, and it always will be. Gerard Butler will always remain in my arms and in my heart as the Phantom and that would never change!!! I LOVE YOU PHANTOM!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333
  • Melissa - What is there not to love? He's sexy, charming, loving one minute and completely sinister the next. There's such an air of mystery about him. That's definitely a turn on for me. I believe, in her own way, Christine does love Erik. But, I also believe she's somewhat pressured by what others see, think, and say about the "dark phantom" who roams the opera house. Plus, there's Raoul, her childhood friend. She speaks of her father throughout the film. I believe that she feels a connection to Raoul because of her father. Raoul's a nice guy. But he comes across, to me, as more of a momma's boy who's used to getting what he wants and expects to get Christine because of this. Plus, he talks of "darkness" as if it's only darkness that Christine would have with Erik. Once again, she's being pressured. Erik show's his love for Christine in so many ways and will go to great lengths to show his love. But no one wants to see it. Christine was a fool. She should have chosen Erik, in my opinion. I know I would have. There would never be a dull moment, plus Erik's love is unconditional. With everything he had been through as a child, young adult, and grown man; he would never have denied Christine anything. On a closing note, this is the first "Phantom of the Opera" I've seen. I believe Gerard and Emmy gave outstanding perfornances in their roles. Naturally Erik was my favorite character. Gerard Butler will always be the only Phantom for me. Now if only I could meet him!!!
  • Becky - Because he is a character that you should not love, because he is so dangerous and actually quite evil, but he does have a passionate, raw, love for Christine that is the purest love, he is a dark character, obsessive to the extreme, yet he draws me to him with his music and his passion. He is just genuinely dominant with a vulnerable side even childlike in a way.
  • Denise - I love the Phantom because even though he's evil and obsessive, he is also misunderstood and lonely. Another reason is that he reminds me of me and he also loved someone all the way to death and that to me is something really special, because that is true love and that is not around that much anymore. He is just a very dark person which I love.
  • Beth Baker - I love the Phantom because he is so passionate, sweet, and caring towards Christine. If I was her I would have chosen him not Raoul but that's just me. I cry everytime I see him cry and I feel every emotion he feels. I love his voice and he is a really good charmer! I really love his eyes, body, and his evilness.
  • Wendy - He kinda reminds of the "40 Year Old Virgin" really confused by fantasy and reality. He over does everything, and freaks when he doesn't get his way...which is soo cute. Such a drama queen.
  • Samantha - Who doesn't love a man who can sing? But besides that, it would have to be the passion. Even though he is sort of obsessive, personally, I would rather have someone obsess over me than love me for my fame.
  • Jessie - All he ever wanted was for people to love his music, to see him not for his deformity but his soul. I find his soul to be the most beautiful thing on earth. He is kind and gentle by heart but will stand up in a fight.
  • Camille - He's tragic and mysterious, and he's not afraid to cry. He even killed for a girl! Who wouldn't love that? Other than Christine... He has a raw unbridled passion. He is strong, but can break eventually. He's a genius. Most of all... he's a MAN.
  • Carla - My love for the Phantom increases by the hour! His passion, his genious, his caring, his eyes...he draws me to him with music, alike many other girls I expect. His sweet, seductive, musician thoughts are what mostly keep us girls with a reality check so attached to this beautiful soul. When you look into his eyes, you can feel the passion course through your veins...you can feel the music of the night.
  • Sydney - I just love Erik. I could talk for hours about him! He can sing, he's dark, he can kill, he has a great taste in music. He is so perfect! I would love him even if he tried to kill someone that I loved. When I see how lonley he is it breaks my heart and makes me love him even more. To just have him hold me, to hear his voice, to see his face, to look into those eyes, to feel his lips against mine. I wish that he was real and my age. I can't stand Christine. If I was in her place I would take Erik without shedding a tear. Erik is so hot that I would do anything for him. He is so sexy that he set his own record.Oh Erik *sigh* I would love him every moment, unlike Christine. She didn't get a man or an angel. She got one heck of a sexy GOD!!!!!!!
  • Syunsuke - He sings nice and... He has a nice mask! ^^\'. And he is nice.
  • Esther - Erik is the ultimate mysterious, hot character in a story. I saw the movie 4 times in one month. Gerard Butler has such a powerful voice in it, even though he's not a professional singer. He has this really sad story inside him, and he is desperately in love with Christine, and it drives him mad. He is really romantic and loving, but he is dangerous too, but that is not his own fault. It is just the way people treated him! I quote: "Not for any mortal sin, but the wickedness of my abhorrent face!" People judged him for what he looked like (even if I personally don't think it was that bad in the movie), not even his mother wanted to see him. One thing you also notice in the movie is that Christine, when around Raoul, is a girl with a crush. Around Erik, she is a woman, that is very attracted and filled with passion for the Phantom and his magical music. Many here have said that Christine should have picked Erik instead of Raoul. If you think about it, she actually did. At first. But the Phantom understood that she would be happier with Raoul, so he let her go! She chose him, but he knew that it was wrong, because he forced her to choose him, otherwise Raoul would die. He was so touched by her kiss. He had never been kissed, not even by his own mother. (That's where we girls want to come in and take Christine's place :P) I've also read the book by Gaston Leroux. Actually, I don't think the book is near to being as good as the musical or the movie, but it does explain some things that could be hard to understand. Anyway. The best song is Point of no Return. It is so sexy. Anyway, Erik is such a beautiful soul and I don't know anyone who doesn't love this story. Go Phantom!
  • Angie - He is sad and beautiful, he is so sexy. I love Phantom.
  • Yvonne - I think most females want to be loved like Erik loves Christine, It's the passion & mystery, the romance, we all want to be loved by Erik.
  • Raven - He is a fine man.
  • Angie - I love Erik, because I can relate to a lot of his story, though mine is not as tragic, I have never fit in amongst my peers and I have a strong obsession with music. I truly feel that Erik should have been loved by someone, but everyone that he encountered seemed to be so superficial.
  • Helen - I love Erik..I don't care how he looks, his voice, his mind..it's all just too perfect..and the fact that he is a murderer doesn't concern me either cause I like men who are a little dangerous...and the main thing, to me is that I can not love a man who can't sing...so he is perfect, he can sing perfectly, he writes perfect music too..the way to my heart is through music. (:
  • Bonnie - When Christine crosses thorugh that mirror all I can think is DON'T GO BACK!! I admire Erik for his ability to carve (literally) out a place for himself hidden from a world that has been so cruel to him. I think we all have this inner Erik who feel betrayed and stepped upon by the world and longs for a place to hide away in. While at the same time longong for a companion to take away the lonliness but not the isolation.
  • Sausage - Erik is very charming and mysterious. I fell in love with Erik at the same second I saw him. I would die if I could be Christine and feel that someone would do anything for me just because of love. I always start to cry in the end of the movie when Raoul goes to Christine's grave and he finds the rose. It shows that the Phantom shall always love Christine. Most of the people think that Erik is dangerous but I think he's only misunderstood and Christine is the only one who understands him but then she meets Raoul and she loses that understanding. I also like the Phantom because he can sing and write music, I personally love music so he would be the dream guy for me. I wouldn't care how he looks like because I didn't fall in love with his looks, I fell in love with the person underneath the mask.
  • Lea - Simply a byronic hero! Aren't all byronic heroes somehow... HEROES!
  • Nami - He is so alluring and mysterious. Doesn't mystery just attract people, like saying, "Don't open your presents until Xmas." You've GOT to look. It's like that with Erik--everyone hates him, or at least are told not to go looking for him, but that's just WHY we all love him!
  • Dilki - I believe what ever you do in life it should be done with passion and this alone makes the difference in what you do, and that's exactly what the Phantom posseses. I love the way he loves and hates in equally strong and powerful ways and in a strange way this gives meaning to his existence. Every move and word made by him is vibrant and purposeful. I love his adamant, dominance and force. He qualifies in everyway to being any womans perfect dream man and I'm swept off my feet each time I watch it. Thank you for a brilliant performance.
  • Alexis - I love him, he is so passionate and as well handsome in a way. I still today almost feel like his song, his voice echoes through my every being and it just makes me want to be there for him to say the words he so longs to hear...I love you. This thrilling movie sends chills and shivers of excitement up and down my spine. Once in awhile when I watch the movie I find myself singing along with him, his voice when he sings it like sends me into a trance. The first time I watched the movie I was hooked right then and there, the only person which caught my eye was the Phantom because to tell you the truth...Raoul isn't that handsome, what with his long hair and all...
  • Doireann - Hmm, at first I didn't "love Erik", I felt rage; but as the story unfolds, I begin to look past the mask and see a lonely soul who wants what everyone in life wants. Unconditional Love. And knowing he's not going to find it in the woman he treasures, ripped my heart out. And by the end of the story; I felt compassion and even love for him.
  • Xylon - Because he's one of the most beautiful and tragic characters ever written up! He's very real, also. *sigh*
  • Ireth - I love Erik 'cause he loves in the only way I can love too: dreaming, and fighting, and revenging, and bleeding, and deceiving, and losing. I love Erik 'cause he's a genius, a very sensitive soul, and maybe the world rejects him for it fears Erik's genius more than his deformity. I love Erik 'cause he reminds me that a true artist and a passionate lover never gives up.
  • Sue - I love the Phantom, he's so handsome first all of! He has a great voice and he's very mysterious handsome dark. Christine must be married with him. But Christine left him: (If I would Christine I would marry with Phantom..)
  • Gabrielle - I probably sympathise with him more, although why did Christine have to run off with Raoul anyway? I mean, Erik really loved the girl and she ran off with the Vicomte? It doesn't make much sense if you ask me, but I also love his music, being a concert pianist myself I've just seen the show for my eighteenth, but the Phantom who I saw ( Played brilliantly by Michael Xavier) made me cry so badly in the audience, I never, never cry, but I did for Erik.
  • Fernanda - I fell in love with the Phanton since the very first moment...His character is so passionate, romantic, mysterious, ...He's so dark but at the same time so tender and sweet....I can't understand Christine at all....I'd leave that Vicomte guy behind and run away with the Phantom...I love his music....it really touches me...my heart and my soul...
  • Sophie Anderson - I fell in love with the Phantom the very first time I went and saw the opera with my mother when I was twelve. I felt drawn to him more than any other chracter in any movie I had seen. Since then I have been to see the opera twice more and have three different versions of the soundtrack. The Phantom is all dark and mystery and what I believe, every girl secretly yearns for at some point. Plus, he is a genious and he really is a caring, passionate if misguided man. I would choose him over Raoul any day.
  • Christopher - The Phantom is an example of how guys sometimes feel like. When us guys find the girl we love, we just want to fight for her and kill anyone who tried to take advantage of her. Beautiful singing voice too, and I think all guys want a cloak that they can swish around like Erik does. When I watched Gerard Butler as the Phantom, I just totally connected with him. Such a tragic past, he deserves Christine.
  • Nadia - He's a genius, a dark character so complicated, so mysterious, so fascinating. If I were Christine I'd have chosen him. A very deep character that teaches us that physical beauty is not the only thing that matters. He's such a great person...and only needs to be loved..

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