Laurie Strode (Halloween series)

to Just the two of us -- the Laurie Strode Fanlisting. If you are a fan of Laurie, grab a button/code if you have a site, and join the Fanlisting in honor of her! If you don't know who she is, watch Halloween, Halloween II, H20 and Halloween: Resurrection to see her in action. Laurie is played by the wonderfully talented Jamie Lee Curtis. The character has now also been played by Scout-Taylor Compton in Halloween (2007).

This site has been uniting fans since September 2, 2003, and the last update was made on August 04, 2020. We have a total of 106 members listed, from 19 countries, with 0 waiting to be added on the next update. Welcome to our newest member(s): Taylor. The site is listed with The Fanlistings Network

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I am not affiliated with Jamie Lee Curtis or anyone involved with the Halloween movies. This is just a fansite run by a fan of the character Laurie Strode.

This website is dedicated to a dear childhood friend, David Keller.

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